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KarimSyah serves as the representative in Indonesia of the UK-based Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and is currently organizing to establish a branch of such institute in Jakarta.   Founded in 1915, to provide a membership organization for arbitrators, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is now the world's leading center of excellence for the training and certification of arbitrators and mediators and promotion and facilitation of dispute resolution.


The Institute is a registered charity with 10,500 members from more than 90 countries and an international network of 30 Branches. Recognised as the professional home for all dispute resolvers, the Institute provides the highest educational standards and is an international resource center for practitioners, policy makers, academics and those in business concerned with the cost effective and early settlement of disputes.


In facilitating the determination of disputes, the Institute operates in a wide variety of business and commercial sectors including; financial services, insurance, oil, gas and energy, infrastructure, shipping, commodities, the media, medicine, sport, travel, telecommunications and information technology industries, construction, engineering and the automobile industry. The Institute's sphere of interest is constantly being widened to encompass other sectors. For example, we support institutions to resolve domain name disputes and are developing the use of ADR to resolve personal injury, media, foreign investment and other IT disputes.


The Institute offers education and training throughout the world, providing assured global standards - giving confidence to arbitration and ADR users that the very best practitioners are helping to resolve their disputes.  Chartered status for Arbitrators was introduced in 1999 as a "gold standard" for practitioners.  Karen Mills of KarimSyah is currently the only Chartered Arbitrator in Indonesia, but KarimSyah is working towards expanding that number through commencement of Chartered Institute arbitration courses in Jakarta.    A similar program is in development towards Chartered status for mediators. Chartered Institute is currently working with partners in China, the Middle East and Russia to raise standards.


In addition to its educational activities, the Institute conducts "Dispute Resolution Services" - administering more than 100 bespoke schemes for consumer and commercial markets, providing cost-effective and timely resolution of disputes. The Institute also offers nominating and appointing services for ad-hoc arbitration, adjudication and mediation.     Any of the Institute’s services may be arranged through KarimSyah.  Please contact Karen Mills:  kmills@cbn.net.id or Ilman Rahkmat:  ilman.rakhmat@karimsyah.com.